Letter From the Editor : Scary Stories

It’s that time of year again. That sweet time when the air begins to turn crisp, and pumpkins start appearing all over place and in everything. But not just that. Autumn is a time of change, as the harvest is brought in from whatever fields and the leaves turn golden to red, it gives people a feeling that the year is coming to the end, and the great cycle is happening all over again. Subconsciously, this makes you think about beginnings, but also the ends. Those beautiful fall leaves aren’t just changing to make your pictures look nicer, they’re changing because they are dying, and will soon be gone.Sometimes people turn away from thoughts like theseĀ and focus on the holidays coming up in a few short months. Some peopleĀ like to look the macabre straight in the eye and revel in the thrill of being creeped out by a good scary story.

scarybooksThen there are some of us that like to dwell on these thoughts and write them down. So we’re doing something a little different this year for the spookiest season, we’re going deep on scary stories. We’re asking the big questions, like what makes a story scary in the first place? What can games do to give you that glorious feeling of dread? Then we’ll explore the things that terrified us as kids, and the what makes something scary in another country. Plus, like we did in Story Time, we’re going to stretch way out of our comfort zones and offer up to you, dearest reader, a collection of horror fiction to make your skin crawl.

Stay tuned, because the sweets that we have all month are good for you.

Eric Carr

Editor In Chief

Eric Carr

Occasionally has mad notions, and more often than not runs with them. Welcome to one of those.

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