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Here’s the collected NitWitty Magazine Issue Archive. Enjoy your favorite articles and insights for a second, maybe even third time. Or click here to go back to the current issues and enjoy those instead.

Issue 1: Beginnings

Everything has a start somewhere. In this issue we explore the origins of a bunch of things, and ask the question – where the hell did that come from?






Issue 2 : The Sequel

Sometimes it is a lot harder than just sticking a 2 on the end. In this issue we try to figure out going big or going home and why sophomores feel so compelled to slump.




Issue 3 : The Horror

In this issue we ask the important questions about horror. Questions like, “What makes something terrifying?” “Why is this so scary?” And, “Why do I do this to myself?”




The cast of The Fellowship of the Rings, silhouetted against a cloudy, purple sky.Issue 4 : Better with Friends

Ringo was right , and you really can get by with a little help from your friends.
In this issue we’re talking adventuring with your buddies, the revitalization of couch co-op, and why driving your enemies before you feels so good when they’re actually your friends.



xmasanimeIssue 5 : The (Mis)Giving Season

It really is better to give than to receive.
In this issue we make wach other write and do things for our amusement, and try to avoid having holiday themed existential crises.



Issue 6 : Looking Back

This issue we’re exploring the “good” old days, try to figure out how we got here exactly, and why, if the future is so bright, it’s our natural tendency stare at an increasingly blurry past.




GeorgeIssue 7 : Love Letters

This issue is an exploration of things that we cannot get enough of, fandom, and why we love the things we do.




Darth Vader cuts an imposing figure, his black armor contrasting those he commands.Issue 8 : Scum And Villainy
Let’s celebrate the bad guy. The characters and stories that don’t care about your silly rules, and somehow care less about what people think of them in general. You know, the ones you can’t get enough of.




Animated-Journey-monty-python-and-the-holy-grail-591618_800_441Issue 9 : For the Lulz

Just in time for April (and the Fools that go with it), we’re spending this month explaining the joke. Strangely enough, it doesn’t get ruined.





Issue 10 : Story Time






This is a little bigger than usual.

Issue 11 : Fun and (War) Games