Issue 1 : Beginnings

Everything has a start somewhere. In this issue we explore the origins of a bunch of things, and ask the question – where the hell did that come from?

t7bsj1taq7vt3aouosndBack To Beginnings: The Golden Ten

There seems to be a belief that for a movie to be a popular blockbuster hit there needs to be sex or violence on screen in the first five minutes of the film. That idea was asinine and no doubt lead to many a Transformers movie. There is no need, and that belief is not simply true,…


super-mario-bros-japanese-box-artPress Start : How World 1-1 Taught Us Everything

Here’s a bold statement – World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. is the greatest level to ever grace a video game. There, I said it, and I’ll brook no argument to the contrary. Well that was easy. Oh crap, I still have a word count to hit. Ahem. For many of us of a certain generation, Super…


The intro screen for Final Fantasy VIII, with some text.

End the Beginnings, Please: A Plea for No More Opening Cinematics in Games

I’ve got several beefs with opening cinematics in games. Not quite enough to fill a butcher shop, but maybe a neatly wrapped styrofoam tray. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a time when opening cinematics were as much a water cooler topic as any story mission or side quest. But I’m not interested in discussing…


PenLetter From the Editor : A Statement of Principles

Hello Everybody, Sometimes something strange and wonderful happens. It’s true and occasionally alliterative. Even less frequently, an idea will float by and through no active motion of your own, it will simply take root. The specific factors of the soil of your mind and the particularities of the idea itself…


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