Letter From the Editor : The (Mis)Giving Season

Hello Everybody, Scrooge

It’s that time of the year again. You know, the one where we spend a majority of our time pretending to like people we barely tolerate. Where the weather outside is awful and people who don’t live someplace warm pretend they enjoy “seasons.” You know, that time of year.

Ugh, although I suppose the whole season isn’t all that bad. It is, after all, and excuse to throw holiday parties. Also, I’m pretty sure Egg Nog is proof of some extra-planar divine, especially when drank directly out of the carton. So there’s that,

Also it’s the season where we learn it is better to give than it is to receive, much like crabs. It’s in that particular spirit us here at NitWitty Magazine are doing something a little different this year, a little special – we’re flipping the script. So this month we are giving each other the gift of words, and during the holidays we’ll be writing guest columns. We’ll also feature the ever popular Gift Guides to help you shop for the zeitgeisted intellectual your life.

Plus, there’s all kinds of surprise holiday shenanigans to look forward to. Think of it like an advent calendar but full of snark.

So hang some stockings, chug some nog and stay tuned ’cause baby it’s cold outside.


Eric Carr

Editor In Chief

Eric Carr

Occasionally has mad notions, and more often than not runs with them. Welcome to one of those.

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