Letter from the Editor : Love Letters

Ah, February. There must be something in the air this time of the year. The smart money is that it’s snow, but there’s something else ephemeral that permeates the atmosphere and gets down deep inside someone. It makes the heart all aglow and drives a person to shout their undying love from convenient rooftops.

GeorgeOf course there are also people who see this and instead would rather throw themselves from those same rooftops rather than deal with one more moment of saccharine candy coated “bliss.” If that’s the case, well your good friends at NitWitty have you covered too.

All this month, whether your heart bleeds with true love, or is moved to ugly crying with knowledge of Single’s Awareness Day, NitWitty Magazine is featuring a little something we call Love Letters. It’s an exploration of the things that make a person go all starry eyed and fill a special place in your heart and of the things that bring a person joy when they’re home alone.

So join us while we share the obscure things that bring us joy, and an assortment of things that you too can do with other people. Much like a relationship, this is going to be an eclectic month, full of exciting things you weren’t expecting. Stay tuned for our love letters to Gundam models, drumming and the concept of “Shipping” your favorite shows. We’re also featuring things to share with your crush, including romance fanfic, and our very first cooking segment with our resident chef. All of this along with a review of the most talked about romantic comedy of the year : Deadpool.

So crack open a bottle of wine to share, (or drink all by yourself – nobody is going to judge you) because this is the month to fall in love. With something. Maybe.

No pressure though.

Eric Carr

Editor in Chief

Eric Carr

Occasionally has mad notions, and more often than not runs with them. Welcome to one of those.

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