Letter from the Editor: Scum and Villainy

Being the hero all the time must be exhausting. Between running from place to place, getting punched in the face (for free no less), and trying not to like, accidentally destroy a city, heroism just seems like a lot of work. And you know what thanks you get in the end? J. Jonah Jameson fires off a heat seeking character assassination in the form of an editorial. So screw that. Sometimes, you want to throw away all of that responsibility, and a feeling wells up – a heady mix of ego based superiority left unchecked because you are all out of fucks to give.

ScarfaceWelcome to the dark side.

All this month here at NitWitty Magazine we are celebrating the bad guy. The characters and stories that don’t care about your silly rules, and somehow care less about what people think of them in general. You know, the characters who chew up scenery and you can’t get enough of. If the hero is the wish fulfillment, the villain is the one that lets us indulge in our worst impulses, and we love them all the more.

So join us, as we explore and celebrate the characters that don’t always get their appropriate due, and whose action figures remain unloved at the store. That means this month you get to look forward to spending some time with Dr. Lecter, and straddling the thin line between heroes and villains, and what you need to write a compelling D&D antagonist. Retrograded is going to look at Dungeon Keeper and starting your own evil dungeon for fun and profit. We’ll also argue the merits of Mysterious Villains versus Sympathetic ones. Later in the month, showing that the line between hero and bad guy is just perspective, we’ll have the NitWitty Review of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright.

It should be an (ironically) good month. Just remember, like anything having to do with the Dark Side, it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a hand.

Eric Carr

Editor in Chief


Eric Carr

Occasionally has mad notions, and more often than not runs with them. Welcome to one of those.

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