A Statement of Principles

Hello Everybody,

Sometimes something strange and wonderful happens. It’s true and occasionally alliterative. Even less frequently, an idea will float by and through no active motion of your own, it will simply take root. The specific factors of the soil of your mind and the particularities of the idea itself bring themselves together in such a way as to make it impossible to think that it was ever different.

That idea started once I began to realize that the kind of subjects that the media covers, it doesn’t serve. It just doesn’t. It is easy to point at what everybody else is pointing towards and make sarcastic commentary about it. But then if you do that long enough, as a cultural means the reporting becomes less, and at some point it just follows what everybody else is doing. Worse, it does this while the real job it is supposed to be doing, is pointing elsewhere, and showing why that is important. On the internet we sometimes spend to much time chasing the flavor of the week, that we forget what taste making even is.

Now, I hope that you’ll forgive me if my prose is a little purple. I think that this is just the start of something, and there are emotions. What I want this project to be is the sort of place where I can throw a reference to Ulysses followed quickly by a picture of monkeys.

Top hats really can make anything classy.
The Donkey Kong reboot is pretty dark.


Welcome to NitWitty Magazine.

So what does that mean? Well, if you break it down “Nit” means, “a little bit.” I’m going to hope that, “Witty” is self explanatory after that. In short, we want to write about culture and the crusty zeitgeist we’re all  swimming around in. We are going to show you what it means, and put some of it in context by writing fun and hopefully thought provoking long form pieces.

Our reviews are going to be more than just a number. In fact, we’re not going to issue a number at all. Our intention is to review movies, games, books and serialized television with the same rigor of classic literature. In other words, if we’re bothering to review it, it’s important enough to have experienced; if only so that you can be a part of that conversation. Nobody wants to be that poor schmuck that smiles like a doofus while people around them talk excitedly about stuff they know nothing about.

We’re going to cover news and then go beyond, (for you dear reader), and give analysis. Take that extra step so that you know that the news is newsworthy in the first place. Opinions require news and historical / current context, and while we trust you make your own opinions (and share them with the class) we will do everything in our power help make it informed.

In other words, welcome to the experiment and like us, I enthusiastically hope you enjoy the ride.

Eric Carr

Editor In Chief

Eric Carr

Occasionally has mad notions, and more often than not runs with them. Welcome to one of those.

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